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Thursday, December 31, 2009

For all the lilwayneheads (g-reg)

Top 10 weezy songs of 09

the honorable mention, "spit" is a lyrical clinic i dont know how it slipped by me- apparently it was supposed to be on rebirth but didn't make the cut
here is the download link of "spit"

newest addition to the freshman class(drake, cudi, wale, wiz...maybe Charles Hamilton, B.O.B and big sean...maybe maybe cory gunz and tyga)

J. Cole is signed on Jay-z's ROC and is debuting an album soon, here is a single(originally from a mixtape)(seriously check this guy out)
J. Cole- "Lights Please"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wack Ass Wednesdays

For those who follow the NFL know that it is crunch time as teams make a push for the final playoff spots. The big suprise has been in the AFC North talk about Wacky Wednesdays, as the Bengals of all teams has clinched the division and the Ravens and the Steelers fight for the wildcard spots. This past weekend the Ravens played the Steelers head to head with a chance to all but guarantee a playoff spot and had a chance to take the lead in the game late in the fourth quarter 2 different times but got on their knees and blew the game. In the words of Ed Lover: "C'mon SON!" "Get the f*ck outta here with that Bullsh*t!"


For those who didn't see the game:

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Its that time of the week again as we give you a celebrity on celebrity(sort of) look-a-like.
AJ hawk...

And..... dude from the goonies


brother ali- blizzard rap 09

wish i was more into this dude, his skills are on point as he kills kanye's appalled beat. apparently he doesnt blog much but hes stuck cuz all the recent snow...

John Wall: Believe the Hype

A lot of hype has surrounded this kid for the last couple years, especially during the last few months now that he's lighting it up at Kentucky. I'm telling you now: believe it. This kid is the real deal. Some prognosticators believe that he is more developed at this stage during his freshman year than Derrick Rose was 2 years ago. He is bigger, a better leaper, and a much better defender than Rose, with just as good of a handle (just watch the highlights), but perhaps a tad less speed than his Memphis predecessor. By all reasonable accounts Wall should end up as the number one pick in the draft this spring. As Wall and the aforementioned Rose (who I actually like a lot, by the way--I am just that sold on Wall) continue to develop, the NBA could be entering an unprecedented era of point guards with Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, Devin Harris, Chauncey Billups, and Gilbert Arenas having already established themselves as perennial All-Stars and with Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Brandon Jennings, and Tyreke Evans waiting in the wings. Just watch out for Wall. He could be better than them all.


Texas A&M Derrick Rowland Gruesome Injury

This is Steve's first post. Glad to be contributing to "KindBombs," the new Sports/Music/Movies/Culture blog that will certainly be taking Wash U and other institutions by storm this spring. Lets get it started:

I was at the Washington Huskies/Texas A&M Basketball game the other night and witnessed this gruesome injury in person. Crazy situation. They stopped play for what seemed like at least 15 minutes. Below is the video of one of the more graphic injuries of the last few years. The most recent injury I can think to compare it to would be Allan Ray's violent eye injury in a Villanova game a couple years back. After showing that initial footage of Rowland's leg, Fox Sports decided not to air a replay of the play during which his leg was broken or show any additional footage of the leg as it was deemed too graphic for television. Happy to report that Rowland is back in Texas after surgery on his leg and all signs point to a full recovery. Unbelievable story.


Friday, December 25, 2009

The Cool Kids- "Merry Christmas" mixtape

been waiting for this one since last night after i watched the hangover with the fam, happy holidays to all

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Loosen up! Even Tiger had fun on the side


Everyone is jumpin on it, the paparazzi is the new Tsunami and a huge Tiger(Tidal) Wave has hit us! This is my favorite Tiger song complete with a dance with his patented celebratory fist pump! Sucks that the media has to destroy people by gettin all up in their personal business but just ride the wave and enjoy this song... hole in one


To hear the whole song

the drunkest

this fool is my favorite youtube vid at the moment

Charles Hamilton- See and Say

charles is nice, also love the lupe shout out see if you can find it


check this site out- your keyboard lets you sample daft punk's song(which kanye used for stronger)... found this about a year ago on kanye's blog and told myself id post it when i had my own blog

Drake- It's been a pleasure


anything drake is fire right now although this one i could do without... also dont luv that he repeats a bar from YM's "finale"

Young Jeezy- Big Dog


big dog going hard as usual to a beat ive always liked, most recently covered by snoop

artwork for the new Nas/Damien Marley "Distant Relatives" album

cant wait, hopefully drops around march

kanye kills on a new(somewhat) song


wale- "bedrock freestyle"


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