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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


New one off cudi's upcoming album. Its a radio rip, but quality is almost perfect. Cudi gets rockin on this one(lil wayne take notes on how to make a rock song) and sounds nice. Ye killz, he is back no doubt about it. Anyone else think kanye's voice has sounded a little different lately? a little higher and more harsh, i think it adds a little edge. look out for the CDQ soon. Erase This f. Kanye West [Radio Rip] by job103d

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 9: A Date With the Booty Warrior

Monday, June 28, 2010

G.O.O.D. Music!

GOOD (getting out our dreams) Music is Kanye's record label. Apparently all of these artists will be dropping the same day... INSANE (but skeptical that this will actually happen)

J. Cole – A Star Is Born [2010 BET Awards]

Comin correct with a truthful title.


R&B singer Avant and me on set shooting the new video for Brian Culbertson feat. Avant "Skies Wide Open". Will post the vid once it's done bein edited.

And I thought 50 was the last person anyone wanted to piss of...

Anyways... these BET awards look nuts. I'll be uploadin a pic of me and R&B sensation Avant. Did a music video shoot with him this weekend in Hollywood, the valley mountains, and at a beach house in Malibu.


GorillazXSnoop Dogg

Always been a big fan of Gorillaz, tight performance with Snoop. Looks like it would be crazy to be there.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Purdue University

So Cudi posted this pic of this drawing and he didnt remember the skoo he got it from. (sad) But I remember seein it the first time outside of Elliot Hall @ PURDUE UNIVERSITY where J.U.ICE and I basically run ish... I remember seein the dude waitn for Cudder to come out and holdin up that drawing from behind the tape and askin Cudi 2 sign it, apparently Cudder appreciated so much he asked if he could confiscate it for some other signed valuables and the artist obliged... Smooth Shit! Shoutout to my skoo PURDUE UNIVERSITY Boiler The Fuck Up

Btw MOTM 2 has also relieved a tentative release date of Sept. 14, same day as Kanye's Good Ass Job! Later BOMBERSSSSS

Drake x Wayne Album

X 15.... So Ive been hearin for a while about this whole potential situation and I jus read this excerpt by Drizzy and got a lil hype

"I went up to Rikers, and me and Wayne agreed that there will be a Lil Wayne/ Drake album," Drake told DJ Envy on MTV's "Sucker Free." " ... There's some things I'm excited for in my life -- I'm excited to go perform certain places -- but [this project] will probably be one of the most exciting things in my life, because we make music on a different level. It's just so fun, so comfortable. A whole album? To think about all the things we can do, especially if we're gonna do 15 songs. Me and him don't like to do 12, 13 [songs]. We want to do 15, 16. Yeah, Lil Wayne and Drake album." (MTV)

Man o Man smh

Black Eyed Peas W/ No Ferg...

Whats being passed around is that Will.i.am is becoming insane to compromise with... His ego has gotten too far gone and Fergie in particular is sayin that she cant deal with it and wants out of the early 2011 tour and to leave the group. The Peas have went pop with their major hits but i feel like Fergie has been a decent part of their success. She brings a certain somethin to the group, hope this doesnt go down... Idk what would happen if she really left. Thoughts? Click below to read the article BOMBERSSSS

Fergie Ready to Leave

Good Ass Job Update

The Lp has been equipped with a set release date... SEPTEMBER 14TH one of the best in the game right now returns... Latest track below if you live under a rock (at the bottom of the ocean)


My Goodness....

I need to use the law of attraction to get a girl like one of these in this video... No effin bluff


The Future of BlackRoc...

Dame Dash's new brand has hit us with a crazy combination from Curren$y's Pilot Talk album. Album in Stores July 13th....

The Day- Curren$y ft. Mos Def & Jay Electronica by ccrouch

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Sean - High Rise [Official Video]

Big Sean's video to hype the new mixtape comin out. Shoutout to my boy Stones, know you love this dude.

How the HELL did Ice T get Coco?? OG or not man... shit doesnt add up.

She posted this after getting 90,000 followers in Twitter. Just unbelievable...

Bun B - ATLiens [freestyle]

Bun B For Lafayette - ATLiens Freestyle from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Bun B is prob the best southern rap out right now. Dude has the most captivating voice out of anyone.


Game feat. Robin Thicke - Phantom

Feel like Game has been comin out with some pretty cookie cutter tracks lately. This one def bumps, but I'm still tryin to figure out what sorta direction this dude is tryin to take. Robin Thicke is the shit too, dude can sing.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wiz Khalifa- Good Dank & Yelawolf- Stage Lights

Finally gotta chance to catch up with these dudes while Im away at my internship for the summer. Saw him in Charleston, SC wit my boys. Ill have to say I was fairly impressed with the guys live performances. Theyre pretty amped, to say the crowd coulda been better is an understatement but check out the vids. I was in like the front of the stage when I shot em.... Enjoy BOMBERSSSSSS

C City

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Had to do it....

Major gaming fan... No point at all but still dope haha

It started wit Simba.... To get to Who Dat

I was about to post the Who Dat but Juice beat me too it so I posted the genesis of this lyrical monster that is J. Cole. Also BB Gun directed...

J. Cole - Who Dat [Official Video]

J. Cole - Who Dat (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.


The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 8: Pause


The Roots - Dear God 2.0

Gotta love Black Thought, dudes got some crazy rhymes. Buy The Roots new album How I Got Over, in stores tomorrow.


Ron Ron

The ONLY reason i'm happy the lakeshow won. Artest is the man, not a great song but very interesting nonetheless.


Paris Jones feat. April Kelly - Popular

Yo Yo Yoooo, gotta post this my man ROT sent me. This dude is crazy good and he's only 19. Ye just finished sampling this song (supposedly). Download his full mixtape 'From Paris With Love'.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Soup X Eminem

As you can tell, I got some internet everyone. Praise the Lord! Look for KindBombs to be restored to its full potential here.

Peace, Love, and KB


B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes [Music Video]


Lupe Fiasco - Nothin on You (Original)

As per Jim Jonsin's original statments regarding this track, here it the ORIGINAL version of the song. Gotta say tho... B.o.B did a better job. Download Lupe Fiasco - Nothin on You (Original).


Friday, June 18, 2010


Hate him or love him, Game has been releasing a steady stream of nice music lately. RED album delayed til 8/24/10 (8 used to be kobe's number, 24 is now, 10 was his olympic number). This one is released for The Lakers championship (thanks to the refs), but he really just talks about himself. Hustlin (Champions Anthem) by job103d

Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Lemonade?

Jeezy comes thru with his summer devotion to the streets. Ima huge Jeezy fan and this one hasnt moved me yet. And others feel like all he did was repeat the same concept as Gucci's Lemonade with the color coding. Im used to a harder beat and jus Jizzo goin in a lil grittier... But maybe over time it'll grow on me. You be the judge gang and dont be afraid of the comment box... Outi 5 BOMBERSSSSSSSS

Young Jeezy-All White Everything by Mr_One_Hundred

Good Music has no Boundries...

Puts his own spin on Wiz Khalifa's Good Dank. If you still dont have Kush and OJ get it here. Shoutout to the dude above for jus doin this ish. Glad the song sparked this creativity outta him so I can watch this video until the internet dies haha...

Whens that come out again?

So I saw this on one of my sites I check. You can check it out here. But he went out and attempted to list and date all the major remaining hip hop, rnb, and all around great music releases basically for the next 3 or 4 months. Im sure none of these dates are set in stone so don't get upset when ur fav artists decides to push their album back as most of them do now but this is definitely a helpful map to have when traveling into the world of music for the next few months...

Nappy Roots – The Pursuit of Nappyness – June 15
Pastor Troy – Attitude Adjuster 2 – June 15
Drake – Thank Me Later – June 15
B.G. – Holly Hood – June 15
Crooked I – Hood Star – June 15
C-Murder – Tomorrow – June 15
Amp Live – Murder At The Discotech – June 15
Uffie – Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans – June 15
Kevin Rudolf – To The Sky – June 15
Bossman – The Re-Up – June 15
Eminem – Recovery – June 21
The Roots – How I Got Over – June 21
Z-Ro – Heroin – June 21
RJD2 – Inversions Of The Colossus – June 22
Grits – Quarantine – June 22
Wu Music Group Presents Pollen: The Swarm Part Three – June 22
Vinnie Paz – Season Of The Assassin – June 22
Madlib – Medicine Show No. 6 Brain Wreck Show – June 22
Marco Polo – The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo – June 29
Dwele – W.W.W. (W.ants W.orld W.omen) – June 29
Hell Razah – Heaven Razah – June 29
Lord Infamous – Futuristic Bounty Hunter – June 29
J-Hood – Sorry I Made You Wait – June 29
Lone Ninja – Fatal Peril – June 29
The-Dream – Love King – June 29
Eternia & MOSS – At Last – June 29
Cimer Amor – Taking Nowhere, Somewhere – June 29
AG – Everything’s Berri – June 29
Big Boi – Sir Luscious Left Foot: Son Of Chico Dusty – July 6
Lyrics Born – Overnight Encore: Lyrics Born Live – July 6
Killah Priest – The 3 Day Theory – July 6
Crooked I – Planet C.O.B. v.1 (EP) – July 6
LMNO & Mr. Brady – Banger Management – July 6
Kelis – Flesh Tone – July 6
Snoop Dogg – My #1 Priority – July 13
Roc C. – Scapegoat – July 13
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul – July 13
Capone-N-Noreaga – The War Report II – July 13
Duck Down Music – 15 Years Of Duck Down – July 13
M.I.A. – /\/\/\Y/\ – July 13
Sam Adams – Boston’s Boy (Physical Version) – July 13
Juvenile – Beast Mode – July 13
Paul Wall – Heart Of A Champion – July 13
MF Grimm – Digital Tears: E-Mail from Pugatory – July 13
MF Grimm – The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera – July 13
PackFM – I Hate F*cking Rappers – July 13
Curren$y – Pilot Talk – July 13
Stat Quo – Statlanta – July 13
Ice Cube – I Am The West – July 13
Jamie Foxx – TBA – July 20
Rakaa – Crown of Thorns – July 20
Gyptian – Hold You – July 20
Potluck – Greatest Hits With My Buds – July 20
Step Up 3D – Soundtrack – July 20
Prospect – First Blood – July 20
Rick Ross – Teflon Don – July 20
Major Lazer – Lazers Never Die (EP) – July 20
Esham – Suspended Animation – July 20
Soulja Boy – Dre – July 27
Tech N9ne – The Ollie Gates Mixed Plate – July 27
Spose – The Audacity! – July 27
Q-Unique – Between Heaven & Hell – July 27
The Pack – Wolfpack Party – July 27
Krayzie Bone – The Fixtape Vol. 3: Lyrical Paraphernalia – July 27
Black Milk – Album of the Year – July 27
Kane & Abel – Back On Money – July 27
Slum Village – Villa Manifesto – July 27
St. Lunatics – City Free – July 27
Paper Tiger – Made Like Us – July 27
Fat Joe – The Darkside: Volume 1 – July 27
Street Sweeper Social Club – Ghetto Blaster (EP) – July 27
Trek Life – Everything Changed Nothing – July 27

August 2010 Highlights
El-P – Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 – August 3
Bun B – Trill O.G. – August 3
Bizzy Bone – Crossroads 2010 – August 10
Cam’ron Presents The U.N. – Gunz N’ Butta – August 10
RydazNRtist – Soulful Warfare – August 10
Ayatollah – Cocoon – August 10
KRS-One & True Master – Meta-Historical – August 10
Redman – Reggie – August 10
Roscoe Dash – Ready Set Go! – August 10
T.I. – King Uncaged – August 17
Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik 0 To 60 – August 17
Chiddy Bang – The Swelly Life – August 24
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream – August 24
Ill Bill & DJ Muggs – Kill Devil Hills – August 24
Gucci Mane – The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted – August 24
Greg Nice – Popcycle – August 31
Nipsey Hussle – South Central State of Mind – August 31
New Boyz – TBA – August 31

September 2010 Highlights (with dates & To Be Scheduled)
Duke Da God – More Than Music 3 – September 7
Estelle – All of Me – September 7
N.E.R.D. – Nothing – September 7
Slim Thug – Tha Thug Show – September 7
Krizz Kaliko – Shock Treatment – September 14
Trey Songz – Passion, Pain & Pleasure – September 14
Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R. We Are Renegades – September 14
Huey – Ride With Me – September 14
Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager – September 14
Rah Digga – Classics – September 14
Marques Houston – Mattress Music – September 14
MF Doom – Expektoration (Live) – September 14
Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee-pt.1 – September 14
Ninja Tune XX – Box Set – September 21
Ne-Yo – Libra Scale – September 21
Pleasure P – Pleasure Principle – September 21
Diddy: Dirty Money – Last Train To Paris – September 21
Jagged Edge – Lay You Down – September 28
Smif N Wessun & Pete Rock – Monumental – September 28
Mark Ronson – Record Collection
John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up Sessions
Kanye West – Good A** Job
Game – The R.E.D. Album

Summer 2010 – To Be Scheduled
Ciara – Basic Instinct
J. Cole – Cole World
Nelly – 5.0
Flo Rida – The Only One
Joe Budden – The Great Escape
Daz Dillinger Presents: This Is Long Beach – Various
T-Pain – rEVOLVEr
Mike Posner – TBA
Ja Rule – Vetti Vecci 2010
Busta Rhymes – Extinction Level Event 2
David Banner & 9th Wonder – Death Of A Pop Star
Cali Swag District – TBA
Ray J – Raydiation 2
Termanology – 1982

Previously announced dates – To Be Determined
Joell Ortiz – Free Agent – was June 15
Jeezy – TM 103 – was June 15
Chamillionaire – Venom – was June 22
Rye Rye – Go! Pop! Bang! – was June 29
Jay-Z – The Hits Collection Volume One – was June 29
Three 6 Mafia – Laws of Power – was June 29
Maino – The Day After – was June 29
Yo Gotti – Live From The Kitchen – was July 6
Young Buck – The Rehab – was July 6
Mack 10 & Glasses Malone – Money Music – was July 13
Asher Roth – The Spaghetti Tree – was August 10

REVOFEV (Prod. by Plain Pat)

Heres New Cudi with another Plain Pat production and he seems to be on the right track following suit behind his MOTM days. He continues to make great vibin music for us to move to. Perfect tempos and beats for anyone to follow, which makes him on of the most promising artist of the future and in my Starting 5 of the new class... But Listen and Download BOMBERSSS while we drop bombs from spacceeeeeee haha

Kid Cudi-REVOFEV by ccrouch

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

very kind bombs

Finally, dre unshelved this joint wit Jay-z that was supposed to be released weeks ago.
Under Pressure "maybe i'm strapped right now" WHEN IS DETOX COMING!?!
BONUS: B.o.B drops off a fresh new joint for fun...
She Can Get it

PS: Happy B-day to Tupac Shakur.... I'm spending the summer here in mexico and have a funny feeling I might just see him one of these dayz...


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LupeXNeptunes produce 'Despicable Me' soundtrack?

Got this info from The LupE.N.D. Blog. Apparently Lupe and Pharrell got together to produce a song for that new cartoon movie with Steven Carell in it. Neither of them performs on the track, but they produced it.

Baby Baby Baby - Make The Girl Dance

Spotted this on Youtube, gettin a pretty good following and I think you can guess why... They totally copped this idea from indie artists Matt and Kim though. Check out Matt and Kim's version "Lessons Learned". At any rate, it's interesting to watch.

Andre 3000 DENIES Aubrey "Drake" Graham

Here's what Drake said in response, personally I think (much like myself) 3 Stacks just isn't really into Drake's music that much. Props to Dre for stayin true to himself.

“I really tried to do a song with Andre 3000, but I think it was meant for my second album. Dre is one of those people that needs you to do a little more. He’s one of those people that believe in his craft so much that he needs you to do more than just be over hyped or just famous. In his mind, I have to prove myself and the truth is, I do. That’s just being real. I have a lot of work to do, so I actually respect him for that. I think on the second album I’ll probably only have two features. I have a few people in mind and Dre probably will be one of them.”

Haha c'mon Fest!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Cole

J.Cole is lyrically the best of the new class. Cudi and BoB got unique sounds and drake can do it all, but cole spits. Higher by job103d

Friday, June 11, 2010


Well do you remember the first time you watched the instant classic The Hangover. Here's an opportunity to ALMOST live that again. Hot Tub Time Machine is hilarious! and if you havent seen it it's a must. After you watch it one time, you'll be glad I gave the opportunity for it to be added to THE COLLECTION. This is a MUST SEE! I give it a 4/5 bombs.....

Hot Tub Time Machine

(hit "watch on megavideo" on the left to watch online, or enter the code on the right to downloand)

I'll give him that...

"One of the reasons I wanted to make Blueprint 3 was because of the challenge," Jay told the magazine in a cover story out this week. "We've seen people like LL [Cool J] have longevity, and we respect the heritage of what he's done, but it's not like, right now, he's competing on the same level as Lil Wayne. So for me to still be able to compete at that level at my age, that's rarefied air. It's never been done. I think the problem with people, as they start to mature, they say, 'Rap is a young man's game,' and they keep trying to make young songs. But you don't know the slang -- it changes every day. You can visit the topic, but these young kids live it every day, and you're just visiting. So you're trying to be something you're not, and the audience doesn't buy into that. And people wonder why. 'I made a great Southern bounce song!' You're from New York, and you're 70! Why are you bouncing?" - Jay-z

I must give credit when it's due. I wont say he's better than the best rapper alive right now but I will say he's in heavy competition for being considered the best in the game today. And his outlook on his age and music selection is and intelligent one that I can admire also. You wont see this dude runnin around lookin like a buffoon like Birdman, the best rapper alive's "father". And thats part of the reason I respect the man, what he produces in the studio, and the empire he's built. Jus my 2 cents bombers, feel free 2 add yours....

Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd and Twista- Make a Movie

What happened to that guy who started somethin called Chamilitary? I mean he used to have somewhat of a major following by the hiphop community and even was a self proclaimed "mixtape messiah", but as of late I dont approve of his direction. He had a hit and saw how much funds it produced and moved on tryin to recreate that money instead of that music? But anyway this track flows fairly well and shows me he's still got some talent left in em. Not to mention he snagged one of the RnB dudes I follow and somehow threw in a Chi town connection. Check out the new track below...

Make a Movie- Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd n Twista

And another one... Ciara feat. Andre 3000

In my top 5 when hes around, Andre comes back again alongside fellow ATLien Ciara on her newest single Ride. This song is def for the ladies but this is a complete remix with new productions and lyrics for those interested. SO lady bombers enjoy and fellas check and if you think ur girl may like it, youll kno exactly when to play it. ;) Later BOMBERSSSSS

Listen/ Download
Ciara ft. Andre 3k and Bei Maejor

Drake- Tim Westwood Freestyle

Well no word or video on whether the blackberry was present during this session but open ur ears and see if you feelin it... He knows how the bb thing was viewed and I hope the man has more pride in himself in that to master the craft of bein a hiphop/rnb/rap artist....

Tim Westwood Freestyle

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Boi n Andre

# Feel Me (Intro)
# Daddy Fat Sax
# Turns Me On feat. Sleepy Brown & Joi
# Follow Us feat. Vonnegutt
# Shutterbugg feat. Cutty
# General Patton
# Tangerine feat. T.I. & Khujo Goodie
# You Ain’t No DJ feat. Yelawolf
# Hustle Blood feat. Jamie Foxx
# Be Still feat. Janelle MonĂ¡e
# Fo Yo Sorrows feat. George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris
# Night Night feat. B.o.B & Joi
# Shine Blockas feat. Gucci Mane
# The Train Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves The Day) feat. Sam Chris
# Back Up Plan

Big Boi's next installment into the hip hop world The Son of Chico Dusty. I always respect Big Boi for his artistic view and style and simply just the fact that he's still out here doin in. I only wish Andre was doin the same on a more frequent basis. But I love Outkast no homo, one of the best duos of my life time and theres a track below where you can see why. And its good 2 see one of my guys (Yelawolf) made the cut for the album, shoutout to em for his work finally payin off

Big Boi-Lookin 4 Ya (Feat Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown) (Produced By Boi-1da) by ccrouch

Rhymefest- TTSU

1 of Jackson's main dudes Rhymefest pulls through wih an exclusive freestyle from djbooth.net. The hunger in his voice is unmatchable at times and the more I listen the more I appreciate. Check it out BOMBERS

DJBooth.net Exclusive Freestyles - Rhymefest - Turn That Shit Up by djbooth

3 weeks

features a few clips from the season ahead starting June 27... May be a new direction for the series. Seems like there bringin more drama to it. Lookin forward 2it! Shoutout to JUICE for puttin me on

Monday, June 7, 2010

2 of the best

Eminem and Wayne! off em's recovery. dont love the sample but love the song. just blaze produced. em's verse is insane... "get these wack ass cocksuckers off stage wheres kanye when u need him" i also love the trend lately of extra long verses (wayne/drake/em) No love by job103d

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, PART I TRAILER

release date: NOV19
for some reason i'm still pumped even tho the last movie(half blood prince) was horrible and this has the same director.

new BIG sean

High Rise by job103d off an upcoming(soon) mixtape, album dropping in the fall. production from don cannon, who i think has really been good lately.

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 6: Smokin With Cigarettes

Friday, June 4, 2010

Diggy Simmons - Great Expectations

This song is just a preview off his upcoming mixtape 'The First Flight'. Should be pretty fire if it continues to be like the stuff comin out lately from this young bomber.

Diggy Simmons feat. Bei Maejor - Great Expectations by JUICE

Chris Young

Aight so this dude is not only dope, but I def think has the potential to become something bigger and better. Download his 'Value Pack Mixtape'. Check him out and comment back what you think. Dude is crazy versatile.

First 13 Minutes of the new movie Killers

Movie starts at the 11 minute mark.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

new eminem ft p!ink

clever pic right? this song is a little krazy but i like it, no one can deny em is top 3 alive, but im still not sold that recovery will be great. 04 Won't Back Down Feat. P!ink by job103d

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 new bombs

Asher Roth- G.R.I.N.D honestly im not the biggest ash roth fan but he does have skill and this one is his best work thus far in what i hope to be a long career
Drake- You know, You know (produced by kanye west) didnt make the cut for the album but it goes hard. drake killz and it doesnt really sound like kanye, but the more work that these two do together, the better.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"gettin money both ways"

for some reason i was tryna wait, and not listen to any drake songs from "thank me later". however, i took one listen to this song and had to have it. ive been listening to a lot of jay lately and honestly for a debut album this is a huge collab. Light Up (feat Jay Z) by job103d

Dating Montage, seriously hilarious

Sorry, I had to... beautiful summer day.