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Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is radio rip with some dj tags, i will update with the CDQ when it drops(hopefully today although this sounds clear)

this is now the CDQ, 100% bomb... also the old version already had 27 downloads in less than a day! yessss bombs over everything... thanks readers!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2nd drake single

produced by none other than KANYE WEST... i fuck with this one and i better hear it on the radio/dance floor. you cant say that this sounds like anything else out there.
drake- find your love

not usually a fan of remixes...

but this is dope, combining 3 of my top artists...
Kanye West, Drake, Lupe Fiasco- "Latitude"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

shady... cole

em slices up the 2 beats on this song... *update* we will hear his new "uplifting" single thursday, produced by drake's bro boi 1da called NOT AFRAID
eminem- despicable freestyle

on that note, jcole released his first single "who dat" and he rips as usual, the beat is a little wack tho

nas & damian marley

This is the track i've been waiting for from these two... smooth, laid back, good message, nas rhymes.. what more do u want?
Nas & Damian Marley ft K'naan- Africa Must Wake Up

GO GET B.O.B's album too, support hip hop

Monday, April 26, 2010

Game mixtape

download here
If you dont like downloading whole mixtapes here is my favorite track, with a bonus... also hit the comments for a lil review, I rate this album a KIND GRENADE, not quite a bomb

Game ft lil wayne and birdman- Everything RED(how did this not make the album!)(oh yeah, because birdman is on it)

BONUS!!! a track from a whilleeeee back that many havent heard(one of my favorite game songs)
Game- bang along

Friday, April 23, 2010

GAME *update*

i dont think this made the cut for games album but will definitely be on his mixtape(R.E.D. room) dropping possibly as soon as monday. i could do without jada and jim jones(and obviously the DJs) but anyway the beat bangs. hit up the comments for why everything is R.E.D.
Game- Gangs in New York ft Jadakiss and Jim Jones

*update* new song, slangin game that will also be on the tape
also, in preparation of bob's album on tuesday(look out for curren$ys album tuesday as well) he released not lost ft TI... TI has to be one of the GOATs(greatest of all time) when u look back on his career and how he keeps it coming. I cant decide if i like the coldplay sample of not....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Joakim gets a lot of haters, but he's playing well and openly hates cleveland which equals 2 big ups from me. bulls down 2-0 i just want them to win one game. clevelands just gone another yr then lebrons coming to chi.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tribute to gang starr

1/2 of the rap duo gang starr, Guru, died today of cancer related problems(DJ premier is the other 1/2 if u dont know him he has a big nas affiliation from back in the day). ive never knew much about the group but this song has always hit me hard. honestly i try to live by a lot of the words in this song
Gang Starr- moment of truth
"if i pull the trigger on these fully loaded lines, your guna wish i pulled a black nine"
"dont be quick to judge, you never know the hardships people dont speak of"

Monday, April 19, 2010

good morning, good musik

some new¬eworthy

Drake- miss me (very incomplete track, once finished it will have a new chorus and wayne verse)
"drake stand for do right and kill everything"

T.I. ft. Will.i.am and Fergie- down like that (missed the cut on paper trail, still a hot record... TI is puttin a mixtape out soon and album by the end of the summer)

2AM club- nobody's in love (for those who like this new genre of electric indie pop melodies fused with a little hip-hop u should like these guys)(shoutout to hehateme37)


Heres the complete version of Airplanes with EMINEM included. Enjoy Great Music at it's finest BOMBERSSSSSSS!!!!!!

B.o.B ft. Hayley and Em

Thursday, April 15, 2010

around the NFL

brandon marshall to the dolphins! it might just be theyre year(sort of joking)... i love the fins, love rick wil obviously... However the team thats made the biggest aquisitions in my mind is the Jets... they cut the fat with thomas jones giving more opportunities to leon washington and shonn green and added antonio cromartie and santanio holmes(holmes is out for 4games due to drugs tho). they are becoming one of my favorite teams with vinny chase at QB and cotchery and holmes split out. bears still win superbowl.


DONT freak out though! he just renamed it to recovery, and apparently is supposed to drop june22. production from jim jonsin, just blaze, DJ khalil and others should improve upon relapse. track with 50 in the mix as well and hopefully a heavy mix of dre.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am shocked...

That no one had posted this song earlier. I ironically posted the clip that will possibly be featuring Eminem before anyone posted the song, but anyways here is B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore on the song Airplanes. This song is absolute fire and is a damn near sure fire radio hit when it gets some airplay. Later bombers.

Curren$y feat. Nate Dogg & Nijay - Let's Get It Crackin

New Curren$y, featurin a legend. Dowload. This song straight up bangs. Big ups to Curren$y.

J. Cole - We On

OK, so I just read that this song was one that J. Cole did for DJ Khaled's album Victory, not sure why it wasn't on there cuz this song is better than 98% of Khaled's shit. Download.

Wiz Khalifa - Kush & OJ MIXTAPE

Young Khalifa comes out with a new mixtape, Kush & OJ, today. Pretty sick stuff, enjoy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

game time

newest single off R.E.D. production/hook from pharrel (album drops june 15 with rumored features from dre, kanye, nas, akon, lupe and más)
download link

THE Marshall Mathers

Damn, this is only an 11 second clip or so, but this shit really got me psyched to hear what Em does on this track when it comes out. Stream/Download

Big Sean - Bullshittin'

Fan of Big Sean, song has some sick lines, not too sure how I feel about his flow though... Regardless, its a sick song. Download here.

Did You Miss Me???

So he's apparently returnin very soon, and it'll be to TBS!!!!! Check out the full story and see what Conan says here...

Dreamssssss 2010 Ferrari 599 GTO

This is when I begin to question, what am I doin with my life???? They make things like these that they know even the President couldnt buy.... smh *facepalm*


Haha this totally reminded me of an SNL skit, seems like a joke but I'm pretty sure this dude is tryin to be serious.

Monday, April 12, 2010

From backpacks to mad raps.. (Possible start of JUICE Presents: Mad Mondays?)

So, I have been known to like and support a lot of underground/backpack/mad/independent rap artists... Immortal Technique is definitely one of the ones I hold in very high regard. Here he is featured on a song with Diabolic named Frontlines.

PC vs. Mac

So this Mac vs. PC thing always ends up leaving me on the fence. I like Macs and I like PCs as well. I feel like if you have enough knowledge you should have the ability to get exactly what you need out of both products. And apparently the next phase of the future is the tablet computer. Well above is HP's version of what the future is. It looks pretty sick as does the Ipad, where the Ipad is only a multimedia device and the Slate is a complete computer with USB hook up and Disc capabilities. So check out the video, and hit me back with any thoughts. I think thats it for me 2day BOMBERS.....

You Mightve looked it Over

So my favorite rapper hands down personally is LIL WAYNE, whom in currently incarcerated. Not too happy about it. But his left hand man as of late has been his pal Gudda. They have a few freestyles and songs you should check out below. If ur a Wayne fan, these are some MUST HAVES....:

Lupe 10 min Freestyle

Ight So heres Lupe goin in acapella style at one of his latest shows. If you're an MC take notice, and check the technique. Not many rappers have this capability... Outtie BOMBERS

Where has he been? (J. Cole)

Here some new vocals from J. Cole. Im waitin for this guys album to drop. Def think thats gonna be a good day for hip hop and starvin artists in general. I honestly wouldnt mind gettin another tape from him before the album drops. But enjoy the freestyle folks. Click the link to download after listenin...

bob/eminem track

you can stream the song here, but em's verse isnt released yet. sounds very epic.

Don't Kill Me

I do like Drake, but Im not all the way on his sack the way it seems. This was the first postworthy thing Ive seen today so Ill throw it up here. Its the official video for the single I posted a couple days ago "Over". I think the shit is pretty dope as far a cinematography goes not because of his individual performance of the single. Nice concept, mayb it grow on me more, the more times I watch it? Enjoy bombers...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just discovered I can post my downloaded movies on here.

Every once in a while I'm going to start taking the time to upload really good films for you bombers, this week is L.A. Confidential. A mystery/psychological thriller starring actors like Russell Crowe and Val Kilmer. Enjoy.

Wale - Breakup Song

Wale came out with a new track on his twitter account today. It's kinda different, but still a solid track from a solid artist. Download here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Case You Fell of the Face of the Earth...

I am a huge fuckin movie buff so Ill be postin some of my favs for you guys and girls to download for your personal viewing pleasure. This is by far one of the top 5 movies of 2009... Im posting a link for you to watch from a stream or to download to ur computer. If you hav an external drive download it to the drive and plug it into ur PS3 or XBOX 360 and play it on the HD SCREEN!!!!! I guarauntee youll love this movie start 2 finish.... Laterrrrr BOMBERS

Drizzy "Thank Me Later" Update

So if you didnt kno Drake's album was originally pushed for a Valentine's Day release date but shortly after that announcement it was pushed back for a March release, then pushed back again to a May Release, and Now the official date is June 15th the Jewish rapper has proclaimed. His tour jus started its rotation and he's released 2 tracks from the album. Click the links below to snag em and for more in... Im hopin the album is fuckin EPIC

"Over" Update
Over download
Shut it Down download

What up Bombers?

Whats poppin guys. My name is Charleston and Im the newest member to the Kind Bombs family comin through with my first posts. I got to skoo wit JUICE and shits been hectic but I will deprive you no longer.... This is the beginning of a B.E.A.- UTIFUL relationship.

Like Luda said..."You'll get stalked so bad you'll leave da scene thinkin eight Young Buck's did it"

Song has been all over the internet today, typical Young Buck. Young Buck - Bike Night.

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray has a computer game??

Bobby Ray has a pretty hilarious/entertaining free flash game you can PLAY. It seems to me the only objectives are to finish the race and pick up as many girls as you can, sounds kinda like life...

Pill - Real Mutherfuckin G's (freestyle)

One of this year's freshman who I've been startin to pay attention to. Pretty good freestyle, nothing special though really. Download the freestyle.

Not usually the one postin shoes but...

I had to post these. The new Jordan Retro VI "Detroit" edition. Too bad these shoes are worth more than most of the houses in Detroit. Comin out the 17th.

Shawnna feat. Twista - Hide & Seek

This song has been popping up literally everywhere I've checked. Personally, I think it kinda sucks, Twista does his thing tho. Download here.

For those of you who follow How To Make It In America

Aloe Blacc, the guy who sings the theme song for the show, is featured on a new MED song Hold U. Pretty smooth song, worth a listen.

Saw this new commercial today and had literally zero idea what to think about it...

Pretty tight B.o.B. interview - 19 days till new album people.

B.O.B. TALKS SIGNING TO GRAND HUSTLE from Urban News Network on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

b.o.b tracklist and production credits

Recently ive been focusing on production. I see it as a runningback's offensive line... the best raps are not worth listening to with bad production. I was very skeptical about b.o.b's upcoming album but after "dont let me fall" and seeing the tracklist/production im 98% sure it will bang. features from eminem and lupe. production from polow da don and jim jonsin... enough said


The newest Kanye album, Good Ass Job, supposedly has been leaked that it will come out this June?? We'll see when the time comes closer..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

all my kicks fly..... like im liu kang

Collin's nike zoom air paul rodriguez 3
-just got em today, Collin refers to a kid with cancer who designed the shoe(similar to the make a wish foundation, but by nike). He really like dirtbikes and skulls which are located in various places around the shoe.(line of title is by wayne if you didnt know)

New Talib Kweli

New Talib Kweli song Ha Ha (Slow Down)


New Rhymefest mixtape to precede his upcoming album drop, El Che. Here's his new mixtape Dangerous. Really feelin this, interesting features. Chi town stand up.

Monday, April 5, 2010

b.o.b single off his upcoming album(due april 27th)

listened to it once and im convinced the album is worth buying. he is just a different type of rapper, does his own.
don't let me fall- B.O.B

Saturday, April 3, 2010

new favorite show and game

click here

for the show, and here is the best game on the internet right now
click here now!

everything j.cole will now be posted

all i want is you(ft miguel)... this song is a little weird and this other dude sorta sucks but cole spits fire and nothing else.
also heres a 2pac song u prolly havent heard that made its way to my recent playlist