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Saturday, February 27, 2010

unreleased madness

Kid Cudi- know why im really feeling this track, cudi keeps a steady supply of good music
B.O.B ft T-PAIN- trunk band where did this come from?? say what u want but i love t-pain

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kanye West - Coldest Winter

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

A new take on Kanye's "Coldest Winter". Kanye edited the audio while Nabil Elderkin directed it. A darker take on the song.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

just to remind you that im fresh to death

sneakhype.com is one of my favorite blogs(found out about it due to stink ellingshausen), anyway they had a twitter raffle for some free flud watches and obviously i won. here's flud's product line

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Make It In America

This is the new Kid Cudi project and his inaugural television/acting debut. The show, How To Make It In America, premiered last Sunday so I'm a bit late on posting this, but I wanted to make sure that I watched the show first before givin it some kind bombs. The show is actually pretty good, even though there has only been one episode it sort of reminds me of an early Entourage. The concept is a little different than that of Entourage though, its like a reverse take on living the life. The characters on the show are all struggling to make a buck and make it big, the show is all about their struggles and their perseverance to live the American dream. The show released a mixtape for the show, containing a lot of Cudi along with some Lupe, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Green Lantern, Styles P, and some others. The show, like Entourage, is produced by "Marky Mark" Wahlberg. You can check out the first episode for free here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jcole verifies how good he is

in case you forgot, check out this freestyle over kanyes beat and commons song...
"feels fantastic, flip rhymes flip beats...gymnastics" seriously jcole is doing big things

if rappers were presidents.....

interesting article, ends hilariously


Johnny polygon ft KiD cuDi- Riot song remix
-different type of song, i have no idea who johhny polygon is or why that is his name. beat and flow are laid back but message isnt depending on how you take it. similar to "symphonies" posted earlier
-music is the only thing good to come out of ohio. i havent been feeling much of the new bthugz but this beat goes hard. grew up on bone thugs.

pics of the day

saints all day, here is the link for the explanation of these goggles. watch the video... unbelievable technology i need them to calculate my mad snowboarding air(joke)

Happy Birthday Lupe

Today is Lupe's birthday, he got a nice little early birthday present from about.com saying that his upcoming album Lasers is the "Most Wanted Hip-Hop/Rap Album of 2010".

To view the rest of the list Click Here.

Preview for XXL(magazine)'s new freshman class of 2010

(sorry i cant shift the video over still working on it) This is a dude named Pill, and if you are in the mood for a new artist he is it. He looks exactly like future from "8mile". He Co-signed with Andre3000, has TI's atlanta accent and 50's hood swag with a hustlers mentality. Here are a few tracks from his latest mixtape, keep in mind ur lucky to find one good song on a mixtape and he has about 12 in my opinion
i like the production too anyways wiz is also on their list heres the vid, pretty sure jcole on there too but there has been rumors about how official these are so ill let u know as the time comes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We are the World

aired on the olympics opening ceremony tonight. hopefully you know the history of this but if you dont, its an old song made by lionel richie and michael jackson among others for africa. the star studded remix(lil wayne celine dion kanye miley akon, millllions others) has been gettin a lot of buzz. here is the youtube link but i urge ya to go buy it on itunes to support haiti in a final push. my fav parts are with michael jackson near beginning then when ye and will.i.am are rappin a little near the end. we are all people. good people. we are the world.

Wiz Khalifa - This Plane

Young Khalifa released his video for one of my favorite songs off his new CD "Deal or Deal". Seein the life of Wiz was a pretty cool idea for the vid. I'm really likin this song, definitely worth checkin out the rest of the album.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


leaked in the fall, but all im seeing is RED right now as the game's newest(4th) addition to his impeccable discography drops 3/23
an additional banger that isnt as great
krazy produced and ft timbaland and also ft gucci
cannot wait 4 this album, even check out this snippet

Kidz In The Hall - Followup

Been really listenin to these two a lot lately.. Their most recent mixtape The Professional Leisure Tour (produced by LRG) is phenomenal. To me, it's like backpack rap meeting a water downed version of Lupe's lyrical genius. Definitely worth the download.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wayne gets prison sentenced postponed due to dental surgery?

Apparently Wayne has gotten a temporary reprieve from his jail sentence to finish up a string of dental surgeries. This came out yesterday, but I forgot to post it on time. This video gives literally no information, just shows Lil Wayne leaving either court or jail after his sentence was postponed.

Kidz In The Hall - Jukebox

Honestly, I think this duo is one of the most talented around and often overlooked by most. One of their new videos/tracks right here, definitely give them a harder look if you haven't already.

on my blog shit

I mostly just post music so here comes a "blog entry". This song(an old song from around 02) is why I listen to rap, and why it can be so powerful. I've never been a talib kweli fan(even tho he did come to washU), but mos def has always been nice and i think he'd be one of the GOATs(greatest of all time) if he had better production. The combination of his lyrics and message is unmatched. (heres the song... Black Star(mos+talib)-"thieves in the night") One word about this song is Poetry. The beat, the lyrics, the wordplay, everything goes perfect together. Thieves in the night refers to people hiding themselves, shying down from doing something to help the world out, and basically living a lie without being true to yourself and others. It is a call to action.
"not free we only licensed
not compassioniate, only polite now who the nicest?
not good but well behaved
chasin after death So we can call ourselves brave?
still livin like mental slaves"

Criticism.. yes, but hate..no. A lot of artists(nas, jay-z) struggle when they attempt to make judgements and i think the key here is to criticize while giving reasons and a way for the necessary change. I love hip-hop and most of the elements of it. I like that a main part of the hiphop culture is to brag and say how good u are. however when this is all you have it becomes redundant and annoying. Throw this song on ur playlist if you want to be inspired and appreciate music.


another leak off of LASERS this isnt the final version tho! "what U want" (note: above is not actual album cover)
-im feelin this one, mostly cuz there isnt anything i heard like this before
2 more joints that are old but apparently unreleased, proceed, lean
-these tracks r nothing special at all
-still lu all day, theres too many good songs to even begin to post some of the best go listen to the albums at least

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Most Anticipated of 2010

1. Lupe Fiasco - Lasers (Spring): If "Shining Down," and "I'm Beamin'," are of any indication, Lupe is on top of his game and his third album should deliver the goods.
2. Drake - Thank Me Later (March 30): Who had a bigger 09? And to think he didn't even drop an album last year. Looking forward to that first single with The-Dream. Also look for a single off this album to be a monster hit.
3. Kanye West - G.O.O.D. Ass Job (late 2010): After the last couple years he's had, how could you not be excited for him to get back to the rapping that made him famous in the first place? Kanye is going to have a lot to talk about and a lot of ammunition, that is... if this album drops in 2010.
4. Eminem - Relapse 2 (2010): Any time Eminem drops an album, its an event. The guy is just too big of a star to ignore. Even though Relapse was a thoroughly mediocre and lazy affair, Eminem has stated that Relapse 2 will be more "emotionally driven." That's when Em is at his best. This one could be good.
5. Untitled J. Cole Album (late 2010): Think of a more polished, dumbed-down, and accessible version of Talib Kweli and that's what you've got with J. Cole. His lyrics are on point and Roc Nation is releasing what will become one of the big surprises of 2010. Watch out.

Honorable Mention:
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 4: Odds of this album releasing in 2010, when Wayne has already released Rebirth, will be pushing Drake and the rest of Young Money, and has to do time? Slim at best.
Dr. Dre - Detox: Supposedly word is from Dre's camp that 2010 is looking more promising than ever for a release of Dre's long-awaited return to the game. Unfortunately, they have been jerking us around for the last six years with this project and so, frankly, I'll believe it when I'm listening to the first Nate Dogg feature on the album.

Akon and T-pain ft. Snoop Dogg

This is just a funny video I came across while procrastinating as I am doing now as well.
Akon Calls T-Pain

PS Procrastination just becomes masterbation: the more you procrastinate the more you just end up screwing yourself!

Monday, February 8, 2010

new musik monday

Nas ft john legend- victory
nasir the best alive, so gotta throw him on the blog basically anytime he spits. this sounds nice.
Mullage ft ya boy- so long so wrong off their mixtape that dropped today. i always liked the atlanta duo despite their over the top pop sound but this one gets lyrical
Lil wayne ft nikki minaj- knockout this cd is terrible once again, and this song is terrible. but its catchy although it sounds like a middle school band
Lil wayne ft birdman and rick ross- veterans day not a great song but interesting collab, worth a listen. basically i just wanted to share that WAYNE IS DROPPING A MIXTAPE SOON, Da DROUGHT IS OVER PT 7 the artwork is shown above no idea when its coming out tho especially since hes gona be in jail soon.. anyway apparently hes already recorded like 23 songs for C4(tha carter 4)

New Ali Vegas

haha, clownin on kanye.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

as if u werent excited already

narrated by the go's (chicago) own, COMMON

Drizzy Post

fuck anyone who thinks drake isnt the hottest in the game. this is an older song but i was reminded of it today as an alternative verse of his was released.
Drake- Overdose on Life ft mickey factz and travis of gym class heroes

Drake has more potential than anyone right now because of his consciousness. in many verses he's expressed his knowledge of how powerful he is and can be, in that he hasnt dropped an album but has a huge following. his versatility forces him to be unsure of what to do with his power and how to use it, he could be the next radio king, an underground lyricist, a jay-z type respected figure or any and all of the above. regardless, i have confidence he will be successful(ft trey songz) because of how he carries himself and his priorities which include respect of established rappers in the game, and being humble.
drake's top songs that u proly havent heard...


Haven't really listened to this guy much, but this sort-of southern style rap can be kinda catchy. He's white, spits at velocities similar to Twista on a slow day, and has features with people like Bun-B and Raekwon. If nothing else, it's worth giving a listen to or spending the 65 MB it takes to download his mixtape Trunk Muzik. His beats are pretty tight and bass heavy. He's growin on me.

The Black Sunn

OK, so I just heard this dude for the first time this morning. Apparently he isn't signed to a record label, but he is starting to get a lot of hype. Song I listened to was Leave Luck to Heaven and this song was dope to say the least. This dude is so smooth it was unreal. Big ups to him, I look forward to hearin his mixtape which is set to drop Feb. 25.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

lil weezatar

tatted up, what id give to be one of those blue ppl....

Young Jeezy killin like usual. feat Bigga Rankin

Jeezy is a pretty cool dude, some of his stuff kinda sucks but I kinda like this one minus the random dj shouting in the background by Bigga Rankin.

Download here

some new tunes that made my playlist

"Ultimate" from Cory Gunz ft. Mickey Factz, Curren$y, Nakim, Smoke DZA
- this is a nice supercollab as gunz spits and ive always loved curren$y's flow. Mickey factz if u dont know him is gona be big soon- "ima out live peter pan"

"Pussy Fight" from the Game ft. Ray J and some chick that was supposed to be nikki minaj but isnt
- this one is a dope laid back flow..... buttttt it gets a little too vivid into the theme, depending on your opinion of goin down there. anyway i dont know a ton bout ray j's rap career but honestly think he kills this verse the part bout kim&reggie is funny.
-game is certified one of the best alive not sure why he hatin on nelly in the hook tho. STL all day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Kid Cudi original, previously leaked a bit but with a different title. Better qual version.

Kid Cudi: Highs and Lows


Lil Wayne drops REBIRTH today

I love wayne more than most, which is saying something... but this album is terrible.

Hilarious song that is pretty funny to play at parties

download here: http://chalieboy.net/2010/homegurlremix/

Bun B new mixtape "No Mixtape"

Checked this out a lil bit. much better than b.o.b.'s POS mixtape. lovin the usage of clipse-pop demand on like every mixtape now, sick beat. Here's the link for the mixtape: http://usershare.net/jgp175mjfqxz

Tha always entertaining Meth and Red say... Sign a god damn pre-nup.

Not my cup a tea, but this could be big. kinda some interesting features on it.

New Kid Cudi Remix

DatNewCudi.com: Dan Black Feat. Kid Cudi - Symphonies Remix from DP on Vimeo.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bun/drizzy(only a snippet)

if you like "uptown" by Drake and Bun B(favorite song off so far gone), then ull love this snippet off bun's upcoming album. apparently drizzy put down 3 tracks for the album and i hope they all get used cuz i love this combo.

B.O.B Mixtape titled "May 25th"

link for mixtape.
Named after the release date for his album, "Adventures of B.O.B"
I was not impressed in the slightest by this tape, especially given its hype. However there are some good tracks, check out: gladiators,fuck the money,the rain,fool for love