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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Make It In America

This is the new Kid Cudi project and his inaugural television/acting debut. The show, How To Make It In America, premiered last Sunday so I'm a bit late on posting this, but I wanted to make sure that I watched the show first before givin it some kind bombs. The show is actually pretty good, even though there has only been one episode it sort of reminds me of an early Entourage. The concept is a little different than that of Entourage though, its like a reverse take on living the life. The characters on the show are all struggling to make a buck and make it big, the show is all about their struggles and their perseverance to live the American dream. The show released a mixtape for the show, containing a lot of Cudi along with some Lupe, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Green Lantern, Styles P, and some others. The show, like Entourage, is produced by "Marky Mark" Wahlberg. You can check out the first episode for free here.

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