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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Social Network

I'm gonna say right off the bat that I was extremely skeptical and even made fun of this movie when I first saw the trailer for it before Inception. However, I think it actually has a little potential. First off, the trailer features Kanye's new song Power so they will most likely have a solid soundtrack. Second, it is being directed by David Fincher, one of the best directors of our time. This dude directed Se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room, and many other hit movies. If there is anyone that can make the mind-sucking social network of facebook into a hit movie, I'm pretty sure this guy is one of them.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Pack - Based Boys

Based Boys by JUICE

New track from The Pack was leaked off their new LP Wolfpack Party. If yall don't remember these dudes, here's their most famous song from a lil while back:

Rhymefest on Jimmy Kimmel / Rhymefest Hates on Batman

This video below happened a little while ago, figured I would post it though in addition to the Kimmel footage. Kinda funny.

JUICE Presents: Throwback Thursdays

Download Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

Lime Light Exclusives Mixtape

YMHD put this up today, and this mixtape is unbelievable. Has songs by Drake, Jay-Z, a new J. Cole track Problems, Kid Cudi, and others. Download the whole mixtape, it's worth the memory.

Here's a couple tracks to preview:

10 J Cole - Problems by JUICE

05 Kid Cudi - Mojo So Dope by JUICE

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kanye abandons Good Ass Job??

Kanye Posted this on his twitter earlier, a possible change in the title of the most anticipated album of the year?? Could it be true or could he just be yankin our chains, who knows. But that's why we love that dude and why he's the GOAT.

JUICE Presents: Middle of the week Mashups

Props to Jobeezy for showin me this one. If yall don't know about Ratatat, I'm seriously embarrassed for you. Although this particular version was someone else taking a Ratatat beat, originally mixed by Ratatat to Memphis Bleek's Alright, and mixing it with Big L yall still need to check them out if you haven't.

Here's the original remix as done by Ratatat:

I think we can all agree, that beat was MADE for Big L. I'm more partial to the Big L version for sure. RIP.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just say u heard it here first

new one from usher and jay-z. i love ush, and jay keeps up is incredible streak of features that he has made in the last few months. (with drake, dr. dre, and rick ross) Hot Toddy f. Jay-Z & Ester Dean by job103d


Stephon wins the MVP for the CBA(china) all-star game. He is perfect for the heat but rumor has it that he denied lebronna and the boys to keep chillin on the great wall. This vid gets hilarious when he decides to stroke almost half-courters.
-job E Z

Kanye does new verses off new album at Facebook HQ

Props to my boy ROT for showin me this.

Wale - The Eyes of the Tiger

New Wale track, not too bad. Has been flyin around the blogs and twitter today. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

The Eyes Of The Tiger by JUICE

an up and coming artist and one thats just about dead (both got numbers in their names)

stream or download below
50 cent- Talk is cheap... this song is unreleased, aka its from a few years ago, aka 50 cent was still good. (i mean i will always love 50 but he has dropped off the map after kanye murdered him in sales)
XV- Top of the Roof... This dude is really coming up, but he still has a while to go. this is a chill song with good punchlines.
"my zipper must be down the way this boy about to FLY UP"
follow me @jobeezy103

Jack "The Assasin" Tatum passes away at the age of 61

Possibly the most feared tackler in the history of NFL passed away today in an Oakland Hospital from a heart attack. A little montage of his tackling abilities and testimonies in the YouTube video above.

T.O. to the Bengals

In the spirit of this summer of bringin big names together, Chad Ochocinco has indeed made "the Ultimate Catch", and no its not the fine Ms. Angela B nor the fake Tara on his Vh1 reality tv show. It is the biggest Diva of them all... Terrell Owens!
There have been confirmed reports that T.O. and the Bengals have signed a one year deal.
This move solidifies the Bengals' receiving corp arguably greater than the Chad Johnson/T.J. Houshmandzadeh (yes, I had to look up the spelling) duo of a couple years back. Bengals now have Chad, T.O., and Antonio Bryant (most underrated free agent wide out this summer in my opinion).
I personally think that Roger Goodell should lift the excessive celebration rule, solely for the wild touchdown dances these two clowns can come up with. $50 says they bust out the kid n play move before week 6. Thoughts?


DMX off to the Slamma

Fabolous feat. Red Cafe - Love Come Down + Tonight [Music Video]

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Lupe Fiasco LASERS developments

Will always love this dude, but here is an interesting little development in the LASERS saga. Dude's former friend and producer wrote some unkind things on twitter recently. Thought this was real interesting, not sure what is up anymore. I just want that damn album to come out. Read all the tweets.

The Roots feat. John Legend - The Fire [Music Video]

If you haven't already, go check out The Roots' new album How I Got Over.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 4: Tequila Sunrise

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Charles Barkley=Funniest Man in Sports

Our most faithful fans have spoken and they would like to see more sports on KindBombS.  Here goes Charles Barkley's top 50 quotes.  Shoutout to ROT! for showing me this, he may have a future as the sportsbomb. My personal favorites are #50, 35, 25, and 2.


Chip Tha Ripper - Here I Am [Music Video]

DGTLXWW: Chip tha Ripper - Here I am (Prod. By 6th Sense) from DGTLX WW on Vimeo.

C'mon Cudder!

Cudder needs to stop gettin in these damn fights. Nobody is gonna wanna support his shows and produce them if he keeps this shit up. Let your fatass security guards deal with it man! Damn!

First video is a shortened, but more clear version of the incident. First vid doesn't show everything though, the second video shows Cudi going off stage to confront the fool.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aint No Thang...

Props to Boogz Boogetz for shoutin us out, keep doin your thing bro.

Boogz Boogetz feat. T. Plezya - Love 2 My Music

T. Plezya & Boogz Boogetz - Love 2 My Music by JUICE

Ski Beatz feat. Mos Def - Cream Of The Planet [Music Video]

I feel like if I wanted to be cool, I would def produce for Mr. Dante Smith for at least one of my tracks. Good job Ski Beatz.

On a side note... nice Chicago Blackhawks jacket Mos Def, appreciate the love.

T.I. feat. Keri Hilson - Got Your Back [Music Video]

Eminem comes out of floor at Rihanna concert

Probably the only way I'd be convinced to go see Rihanna in concert again. Saw her in Kanye's Glow In The Dark Tour and the entire stadium sat down.

Lupe Fiasco and his revolution

Lupe has started his own revolution, the fight against Atlantic Records. Over 2,000 people have signed a petition demanding the release of LASERS, Lupe Fiasco's highly anticipated third album.

Wanna join the revolution? Sign the petition.

JUICE Presents: Throwback Thursdays

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

kid cudi snippets

2 new snippets from cudi's album due sept14. Im posting snippets cuz personally i WAS very worried about cudi's album cuz the first single, "REVOVEV" was pretty bad and "Erase This" with kanye was decently fun but not what i look for in a cudi song. These snippets sound slower, more emotional, and with more rap which is what he does best. Stream and or download below.
"Mr. Rager" prod. by: ye west

JUICE Presents: Middle of the week Mashups

Office Musik (Clockwork Edit) by JUICE

Kinda cool, weezy mashed with theme song from The Office.

Dwyane Wade raps on Jay Leno

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chiddy Bang - Dream Chasin [Music Video]

Under different circumstances I probably wouldn't have posted this mediocrity, but foreal nothin of interest happened today in the hip-hop world and I feel obligated to give somethin at least semi-interesting. Lemme know your thoughts on this track and new vid.

Sidenote: wtf is with that dudes cheeks? Dude got volcanos eruptin or somethin.

Happy Birthday to BoogzBoogetz!

If yall don't know his music, check it out here. Give the bday boy a wish on twitter, @BoogzBoogetz on Twitter.

Monday, July 19, 2010


B-rak briefly lets us in on his view of hip-hop. Honestly, we know that he's huge into hip-hop and checks KinD BombS regularly but he probably doesn't want to say it because of some of the negative (false) connotations that rap carries. Ye and Jay get a pretty big shoutout. Barack Obama Speaks On Hip Hop by job103d

Broken Bells - High Road

Broken Bells is a duo that I have gotten really into lately. Made up of Danger Mouse and James Mercer, lead singer of The Shins. Really cool hip-hop/indie sound. Not a bad album if you got the cash too.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 3: Dramedy


I know its still a few months away (52 days to be exact) but im anxiously awaiting every single play of this upcoming season. NFL> everything else... this is my year in fantasy too. So, because there hasnt been much good music being released lately, I will give u guys something different. IF RAPPERS WERE BALLERS AND IF BALLERS WERE RAPPERS.#1...
Fat Joe=Roberto Garza.... They are both fat, they both suck but are somehow famous, they both have some latin blood, can u tell the difference?

#2... Lil Wayne and Chris Johnson.... they both took over the game as of late, they look exactly the same with thick dreads, Wayne is in jail/Johnson is holding out, Wayne surrounds himself with terrible rappers and Johnson had to play with kerry collins for the start of last year.

#3 Favre=Jay-Z... this one is obvious as they both like to flirt with retirement and dominate at old age... A key note: the difference between Favre and Kyle Orton is Wrangler Jeans, just saying.

#4 Eli Porter(from youtube) and REX Grossman.... they both CLAIM to not have down syndrome....

#5 Soulja Boy and Ethan Albright.... because they are just the worst. (if you dont know Ethan Albright PLEASE click here to find out)

I was obviously going to do rick ross and giblert brown, but we've seen too much of rick's titties lately.


The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 12: Mr. Medicinal

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tebow Trainers

For all my loyal Florida Gator fans, Denver Broncos fans, Tim Tebow fans, as well as Tebow band-wagoners. Nike and EA Sports have partnered together to create a limited edition Tebow version of their new Nike Trainer 1.2 set to drop mid fall of this year. It is expected to release sometime late this month or early August.

This shoes is also a promotion of EA Sports '11 which features Tebow himself on the cover. The bold blue with orange and white trip practically give me a chub, and with the green trim around the patented swoosh, you'll be able to rep the Gators wherever you go.

This sneaker is only for the true fans that bleed Blue and Orange, whether it be the traditional orange and blue of the University of Florida Gators or the Navy and orange of the Denver Broncos.
Cop your pair today for $90.


For more info and pics click here

Friday, July 16, 2010

J. Cole - Premeditated Murder

J. Cole comin out with a new track here. Dude is just a lyrical mastermind,
"musta died and went to heaven, like a passenger on 9/11"?!
Damn, Cole gonna hurt someone with those rhymes...

J Cole-Premeditated Murder by JUICE

Lupe x Jap Cartoon album

Lupe shows us versatility and offers up some new material with this new album with Japanese Cartoon. More of a rock feel to it but Lupe as an artist is great so check out the song below and download or hit the link and grab the whole album BOMBERRRRSSSSSSS

05 Crowd Participation by ccrouch

In the Jaws of the Lords of Death

KindBombs Exclusive: J Grigdes - I'm Still Fly feat. Drake

OK, once again this was given to me by DJ KUTZ. Dude also owns his own entertainment group, Backpack Entertainment Group, Inc. This one of his artists and I was really feelin it. Check out the soundcloud, download it, share it, comment it. Later Bombers.

I'm Still Fly feat. Drake by JUICE

KindBombs Exclusive: DJ KUTZ - You Don't Know DJ KUTZ?

Aight, kinda cool story here. Met this guy, DJ KUTZ, out here in LA a few weeks ago. When I mentioned that I post on KindBombs, he said he checks our site and even knew that I was JUICE. Anyways, he gave me his demo and I said I'd put it up here. It took me a while with work and all, but here it finally is. This dude has some talent foreal. Here is the first track off his demo, You Don't Know DJ KUTZ? If you want the rest of the demo, lemme know and I'll hook you up with DJ KUTZ.

01 Track 1 by JUICE

Cudi n Kanye- Erase Me CDQ

Posted this a while back. Heres the CD Quality version. I dig it for the crossover appeal it is... Plus anything wit Kanye on it right now seems like crack to me no homo haha

Kid Cudi-Erase Me (Feat Kanye West) by ccrouch

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Game - M.I.A.

GAME IS BACK! Sick new track from Game today. After a lot of that garbage he was throwin out recently, this is def a nice change of pace. Although... his voice sounds like he's kinda sick or somethin. New track off his upcoming DJ Skee mixtape Brake Lights. Show us some love with comments Bombers, lemme know what you think.

99 M.I.A. by JUICE

Top 5 Dead Or Alive: According to MURS

Recently, AllHipHop.com spoke with Nick "MURS" Carter on who he thinks are the "Top 5 Dead Or Alive". He def had an interesting response. Here is what he had to say:






Honorable Mentions

"I have to mention Ms. Lauryn Hill and Andre 3000. But, they’ve never made solo Rap records; so, I can’t put them in the running."

For full story and interview, go to AllHipHop.com.

Drake - Do It All

Personally not a big fan of Aubrey, but this has been everywhere. Take it as you will Bombers, leave some comments and lemme know what yall think.

Drake - do it all -thehiphopupdate.com by JUICE

Eli Porter

Haha aight, so I know everyone remembers Eli Porter from this video:

But now the dude has come out with a NEW video. And just to clear up any people that thought otherwise (pretty much the entire universe), Eli does NOT have Down Syndrome. Guess he has a mixtape and a documentary dropping this month, props to the 5 people who will watch it and not think he is actually a re'tard.


kindbombs has officially reached 3000 visits!!!!!!!!!!
-Thank you fans, thank you followers, thank you random people from russia who mistakenly typed in kindbombs instead of rasputin.com, thank you psychos who thought our website is actually about bombs.
-We have just less than 1000 unique visitors, from 45 different countries!!!!!!!!
-43/50 states are represented!!!!! only 7 more!!!!! (who cares about Idaho and Arkansas anyway?)
-Google Chrome and Safari are just about tied for most popular browsers, and 3 people are still using dial-up (seriously kill yourself, really? dial-up?)
-almost 50% of our visitors have visited the site over 9 times!
-thank you visitors and we will not forget you when we are the most popular site on the internet.


Derrick Rose - The Future of the Chicago Bulls

When asked about the Bulls' future, here is what Derrick Rose (the most FEARLESS player in the NBA) had to say.

"It's there; I have a consistent 3-point shot now," Rose said Wednesday night. "You'll see. I just have so much confidence in my jump shot now. It's coming along so good. It's past even my expectations at this point."

Rose had this to say about the Bulls' new head coach, Tom Thibodeau.
"I'm happy for him," Rose said of Del Negro. "And I'm excited about what coach Thibodeau can do. He and I have been talking a lot. A lot."

"We've talked offense, defense, what we're going to do in certain situations. He's a cool guy. People say he's not a people person but you sit and talk to him and he'll talk for two hours. So that's not accurate."

"He's a workaholic. I sometimes leave the gym at 3 and come back at 11 at night to shoot and he's still in the office, going over film. He will come down, watch me work out and tell me things to work on. He's helping me a lot."

He also went on to say how the new signees Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, and possibly J.J. Reddick are "perfect for our style".

"We definitely needed players like them," Rose said. "They're guys who have won and fill needs for us. I've talked to Boozer a lot. And Korver and I played on the U.S. select team. He can really shoot it."

"They're guys who don't care about themselves. They're for the team. That's what we need."

And to cap it all off, here is why I absolutely love this dude. Here is what D Rose had to say about his future with the team.

"I'm in shape," Rose said. "But I don't think I'm a lock for the team. That's when things get taken away from you. I'm going to go play my regular way and hopefully make it."

The most humble team-player in the game. Gotta love that.


JUICE Presents: Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays is backkkkkkkkkkkk. Saw some other bloggin ninjas stealin my idea, so I gotta bring it back. Here is one of the few things Diddy did right in his lifetime. Great song, brings me back to the day. Video always made me wanna hit golf balls at old peoples' houses haha.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lil Wayne outta jail as soon as NOV 4

Check this shit out!!!! I cant fuckin wait.... Lets go BOMBERSSSSSSSSSS! Im excited to see what comes next... SMH GREATNESS New album in September.....

Complete Good Ass Job Tracklist

1. "Hell of a Life" (feat. Lil Wayne) Kanye West, DJ Toomp
2. "Dark Fantasy" RZA
3. "Power" Kanye West, S1
4. "Chain Heavy" (feat. Jay-Z and Eminem) Kanye West
5. "Ghetto University" (feat. T.I.) Kanye West, DJ Toomp
6. "That's My Girl" (feat. Kid Cudi and Katy Perry) Kanye West, Jon Brion
7. "Runaway" Kanye West, Q-Tip
8. "Lost in the World" (feat. Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj) Kanye West, No I.D.
9. "Gorgeous (Ode to Kardashians)" (feat. Drake, Game and Ludacris) Kanye West
10. "Monster" Kanye West, DJ Premier
11. "Holding Me Back" (feat. Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Phonte of Little Brother) Kanye West, Madlib
12. "Devil in a New Dress" Pete Rock
13. "The Joy" (feat. Common and John Legend) Kanye West
14. "So Appauled" (feat. Drake and Jamie Foxx) Kanye West, No I.D.
15. "Blame Game" DJ Toomp
16. "Sweat on My Face" DJ Premier

Just these words make me think this may be on of the best albums of the decade... o Bullshit BOMBERSSSSSS September 14th is gonna be an amazing day. COP THIS!!!!!!

The Women Of KING Magazine

Dollicia Bryan on the cover for KING Magazine's Fall 2010 issue.

JUICE Presents: Middle of the week Mashups

What could be better than mashing up two of the greatest hip hop songs of all time?

Just A Poppa by JUICE

KindBombs Exculsive: Kil Ripkin - Not You [Music Video]

This dude contacted us to post him on the blog, all the members of KindBombs were really feelin it so we made a collaborative decision to give him the exposure. Anyway, here is the new "Not You" music video from Kil Ripkin of The Coalescence. Produced by Eric G. Directed by Science Projects.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Praise The Heavens

Sarah Green feat. Lupe Fiasco - Dirty Rose

This song is insane, great beat. Lupe kills it, as usual. Really feelin the voice of Sarah Green too.
Sarah Green Ft Lupe Fiasco - Dirty Rose by JUICE

Not sure why I've been so obsessed with this kinda music lately...

But this is kind of an older song, from a growing artist named Milkman. This song is by far the best one that I have heard so far. Check it out, let me know what everybody is thinkin about it. Download the full album Lactose and THC. This album was voted #2 mashup album of all time by DJ Forum, def worth the download.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend In Vegas

Went on an all expenses paid trip to Vegas this weekend for work. Had the luxury of going to GhostBar out at the Palms Hotel. This shit was unbelievable. Half of it is outside, here is the view I saw. Took this pic with my phone.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 2: Buzzed

The Boondock Season 3 Episode 11: The Lovely Ebony Brown

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exclusive Unreleased verse..... Aston Martin Muzic

I had a feeling this dude was on this song and they cut em from the track. I rarely doubt he gets on any song ever and doesnt do a verse for it at all... smh. I thought the original was a nice smooth collaboration and Drizzy continues that feelin... Enjoy BOMBERSSSSS

Unreleased Verse Aston Martin by ccrouch

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ricky/Jay (and john legend)

Wow... all i got to say for this one. beat+lyrics+hook=unbeatable. (produced by the inKredibles) LISTEN and or DOWNLOAD NOWWWWWW click here! (sorry the soundcloud preview wasnt working)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Raising the Heat!


Lebron has made his decision to join Wade and Bosh in Miami to create the Hottest Trio since the Kardashians. Miami is now instantly the favorite to win a NBA title, and anything less will be a disappointment. After all the shuffling and charades Florida now contains the best basketball in the world as it should.
Despite the anticlimactic coverage of Lebron's decision, with Lebron answering Jim Gray's awkward question of where he is going to play followed by an even more awkward silence by the spectators, I'm still excited to see the LeBrosh Wades in action next year. I expect more entertainment than his in game spectacles in Cleveland. I mean if he can dance and clown around with a guy thats givin it to his mom, imagine what he can do with teammates that don't dip into the King's court.



Wale blesses us with some visuals for his upcoming mixtape... wale gets a lottttt of hype on campuses and he does have skill but still hasnt 100% sold me... maybe next album. He also released this song that didnt make the cut on his tape... Workin' by job103d

Fake booty or not....

All the talk in the Young Money Entertainment group is surrounded around Mr. Aubrey Graham with his recent album success and release, but as of this week its clear Nicki Minaj isnt goin unnoticed. She has secured the NUMBER 1 Spot on the Rap Billboard charts with her "Your Love" single. Shes the first female to do so since Missy Elliott with work it in '02. She was actually quite shocked with the success of the song because she wanted to drop from her debut album set to release later this year but someone found it and leaked it. Originally she was shitty becuz the song was unfinished and she felt it wasnt good enough for her fans. Mayb because it has no loud or insane sounding ad libs lol. So I wont lie to yall, I never thought I would ever post a like solo record of this young lady above but it seems she has earned the spot no doubt. Maybe ppl should leak more of her stuff without her knowing.... Production is good and she does a decent job her with her mixture of singing and rapping. SO give it a listen, I mean it is number one

Download Your Love mp3

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Beast to the East

In response to the Heat and Bosh agreement, the Bulls pulled the trigger on Carlos Boozer and made a deal for 5 yrs/$80 million. Boozer is an athletic 4 player and is a good 20/10 guy every night. Now teaming up with Joakim, Chicago's front court as well as D. Rose are a more attractive package than Borat in this bathing suit.
I think this will complicate Lebron's decision tomorrow, as Miami would have the trio of Wade and Bosh, but Chicago will have more pieces in place to make a finals push. I find it hard to see Lebron stayin in Cleveland. The way I see it, Heat and Bulls are the heavy favorites, New York is a close third with Mr. Florida himself Amar'e, and Cleveland is dead last as any Ohio city should be in any poll. This will make for a nice twist in the Movie that Wade and Bosh are putting together.
This was a brilliant move by Chicago.
Check. Your move Lebron.