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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Raising the Heat!


Lebron has made his decision to join Wade and Bosh in Miami to create the Hottest Trio since the Kardashians. Miami is now instantly the favorite to win a NBA title, and anything less will be a disappointment. After all the shuffling and charades Florida now contains the best basketball in the world as it should.
Despite the anticlimactic coverage of Lebron's decision, with Lebron answering Jim Gray's awkward question of where he is going to play followed by an even more awkward silence by the spectators, I'm still excited to see the LeBrosh Wades in action next year. I expect more entertainment than his in game spectacles in Cleveland. I mean if he can dance and clown around with a guy thats givin it to his mom, imagine what he can do with teammates that don't dip into the King's court.


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