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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fake booty or not....

All the talk in the Young Money Entertainment group is surrounded around Mr. Aubrey Graham with his recent album success and release, but as of this week its clear Nicki Minaj isnt goin unnoticed. She has secured the NUMBER 1 Spot on the Rap Billboard charts with her "Your Love" single. Shes the first female to do so since Missy Elliott with work it in '02. She was actually quite shocked with the success of the song because she wanted to drop from her debut album set to release later this year but someone found it and leaked it. Originally she was shitty becuz the song was unfinished and she felt it wasnt good enough for her fans. Mayb because it has no loud or insane sounding ad libs lol. So I wont lie to yall, I never thought I would ever post a like solo record of this young lady above but it seems she has earned the spot no doubt. Maybe ppl should leak more of her stuff without her knowing.... Production is good and she does a decent job her with her mixture of singing and rapping. SO give it a listen, I mean it is number one

Download Your Love mp3

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