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Thursday, July 15, 2010


kindbombs has officially reached 3000 visits!!!!!!!!!!
-Thank you fans, thank you followers, thank you random people from russia who mistakenly typed in kindbombs instead of rasputin.com, thank you psychos who thought our website is actually about bombs.
-We have just less than 1000 unique visitors, from 45 different countries!!!!!!!!
-43/50 states are represented!!!!! only 7 more!!!!! (who cares about Idaho and Arkansas anyway?)
-Google Chrome and Safari are just about tied for most popular browsers, and 3 people are still using dial-up (seriously kill yourself, really? dial-up?)
-almost 50% of our visitors have visited the site over 9 times!
-thank you visitors and we will not forget you when we are the most popular site on the internet.



  1. KindBombs is takin over!!! Almost 300 pageviews yesterday alone! Thats what I'm talkin about.

  2. All day baby, KB is where it's at....word's spreading round Madtown like wildfire na' mean