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Monday, July 5, 2010

Amar'e to the Knicks

Hmmmm... Stoudemire to the Knickerbockers! This could be the first domino to fall. He has agreed with the Knicks to a 5 year- $99.7 million deal.
Amar'e is a beast down low defensively and has really polished his offensive game utilizing his explosiveness. He finished tenth is points per game last year, combined with his defensive presence; Who wouldn't want play with him?
Could we see another big name make the move to NYC? Paired up with a premier All-Star like Wade or Lebron, this tandem could do damage in the Big Apple. I'd say instant Eastern Conference finals contenders... at least. And if they get a decent man at the point too... Like my girl Alicia said "this Concrete Jungle is where dreams will inspire you, there's nothin you can't do Now you're in New Yorkkkkk"

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