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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Beast to the East

In response to the Heat and Bosh agreement, the Bulls pulled the trigger on Carlos Boozer and made a deal for 5 yrs/$80 million. Boozer is an athletic 4 player and is a good 20/10 guy every night. Now teaming up with Joakim, Chicago's front court as well as D. Rose are a more attractive package than Borat in this bathing suit.
I think this will complicate Lebron's decision tomorrow, as Miami would have the trio of Wade and Bosh, but Chicago will have more pieces in place to make a finals push. I find it hard to see Lebron stayin in Cleveland. The way I see it, Heat and Bulls are the heavy favorites, New York is a close third with Mr. Florida himself Amar'e, and Cleveland is dead last as any Ohio city should be in any poll. This will make for a nice twist in the Movie that Wade and Bosh are putting together.
This was a brilliant move by Chicago.
Check. Your move Lebron.


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