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Monday, July 19, 2010


I know its still a few months away (52 days to be exact) but im anxiously awaiting every single play of this upcoming season. NFL> everything else... this is my year in fantasy too. So, because there hasnt been much good music being released lately, I will give u guys something different. IF RAPPERS WERE BALLERS AND IF BALLERS WERE RAPPERS.#1...
Fat Joe=Roberto Garza.... They are both fat, they both suck but are somehow famous, they both have some latin blood, can u tell the difference?

#2... Lil Wayne and Chris Johnson.... they both took over the game as of late, they look exactly the same with thick dreads, Wayne is in jail/Johnson is holding out, Wayne surrounds himself with terrible rappers and Johnson had to play with kerry collins for the start of last year.

#3 Favre=Jay-Z... this one is obvious as they both like to flirt with retirement and dominate at old age... A key note: the difference between Favre and Kyle Orton is Wrangler Jeans, just saying.

#4 Eli Porter(from youtube) and REX Grossman.... they both CLAIM to not have down syndrome....

#5 Soulja Boy and Ethan Albright.... because they are just the worst. (if you dont know Ethan Albright PLEASE click here to find out)

I was obviously going to do rick ross and giblert brown, but we've seen too much of rick's titties lately.


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