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Thursday, April 15, 2010

around the NFL

brandon marshall to the dolphins! it might just be theyre year(sort of joking)... i love the fins, love rick wil obviously... However the team thats made the biggest aquisitions in my mind is the Jets... they cut the fat with thomas jones giving more opportunities to leon washington and shonn green and added antonio cromartie and santanio holmes(holmes is out for 4games due to drugs tho). they are becoming one of my favorite teams with vinny chase at QB and cotchery and holmes split out. bears still win superbowl.


  1. 1. you forgot about braylon edwards/dustin keller
    2. how was thomas jones "the fat" he had close to 3000 yards and 20 TD's or something in the past 2 years

  2. 1. good point, but dkeller went to purdue(kidding hes legit). tru about braylon if he doesnt lead the league in drops again, i like him a lot.
    2. tjones is a good back, im not saying hes bad. but the le wash + shonn green combo at full throttle is better than a 3 person backfield where no one can get on a roll. also theyve invested too much in shonn to have an older version of him gettin more carries.