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Friday, June 11, 2010

I'll give him that...

"One of the reasons I wanted to make Blueprint 3 was because of the challenge," Jay told the magazine in a cover story out this week. "We've seen people like LL [Cool J] have longevity, and we respect the heritage of what he's done, but it's not like, right now, he's competing on the same level as Lil Wayne. So for me to still be able to compete at that level at my age, that's rarefied air. It's never been done. I think the problem with people, as they start to mature, they say, 'Rap is a young man's game,' and they keep trying to make young songs. But you don't know the slang -- it changes every day. You can visit the topic, but these young kids live it every day, and you're just visiting. So you're trying to be something you're not, and the audience doesn't buy into that. And people wonder why. 'I made a great Southern bounce song!' You're from New York, and you're 70! Why are you bouncing?" - Jay-z

I must give credit when it's due. I wont say he's better than the best rapper alive right now but I will say he's in heavy competition for being considered the best in the game today. And his outlook on his age and music selection is and intelligent one that I can admire also. You wont see this dude runnin around lookin like a buffoon like Birdman, the best rapper alive's "father". And thats part of the reason I respect the man, what he produces in the studio, and the empire he's built. Jus my 2 cents bombers, feel free 2 add yours....

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