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Saturday, May 1, 2010

fresh if u like checking new musik

some not so new but still hot musik for cruising in your car wit the windows down...
chiddy bang, a lyricist+producer duo from phila, if u like this one check out "all things go" and "truth"

This other new group, The Dean's List is outta Boston and has a really unique melodious flow. Here's a link to a hot blog, "Pocket full of Paper" (who sponsors the group) and a sample of all their songs...
my favorite song is "infinity"


  1. Listen up fools-

    The 6th sense by common is true hip hop. What y'all pushing here is foolish.

  2. nobody's arguing that the 6th sense isnt dope cuz it is. but i'm tryna get some new artists recognized. for me to post about these artists means that i see potential in them and they have conveyed certain skills which will allow them to succeed in the future. maybe they arent ready for nation wide success yet, or maybe they never will be.... but in my eyes they could be and thats worth a listen. these guys are something different and could be positive for hip-hop if they stay true to themselves,