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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrity DeathMatch: Eminem vs. Nick Cannon

Hey KIDS! Do you like violence???
In a real life Celebrity Death match fashion, Eminem and Nick Cannon will settle their dispute in the ring... for charity. As we all know they have had beef over Mariah "The Cougar" Carey since she was in her twenties and they were in diapers.
In my opinion Mr. Carey, would get his ass handed to him. Em is better at everything... lets compare...

Better Movie?
Nick Cannon: Love don't cost a thing Em: 8 mile
Advantage: Eminem
(although Nick Cannon has 29 years of experience acting like a nerd trying REAL hard to be cool)

Better music?
Nick Cannon: Gigolo Em: Any song he's ever put out
Advantage: Eminem

Better tv show?
Nick Cannon: All That, Wildn'Out Em: Cameo on Entourage Season finale
Advantage: Em

Better Street cred?
Nick Cannon: HAHAHAHA Em: Crazy s.o.b.
Finally lets compare; Nick Cannon wins Teen Choice Awards and Eminem wins Academy Awards and Grammy's...
I may be just a little biased but I think Nick Cannon is a joke of a person with no talent whatsoever. Lets just say, there is a reason why Nick Cannon played the likes of LaTanya, and female convenience store employee, and Sweaty Spice, enough said, on All That and Eminem played himself and got in a fight in the entourage finale. Crazy beats Wack every time!


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